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12:50 AM MakeHuman Feature #1233 (Rejected): more tags
geometry needs more tags. The tags are nails, facial hair, other body hair, est.
12:16 AM MakeHuman Feature #1232 (Rejected): new
make all menus scroll with middle mouse button
make more developer assets
make very very user friendly


10:50 PM MakeHuman Feature #1231 (Fixed): Supply a "Base tag" for built-in assets
# make hat/helmet shape hair
# make clothes fit to body
# clothes shouldn't go through other clothes
# hair ...


08:10 PM MakeHuman Feature #1230 (Rejected): more items
Please make more clothes, hair, hats, skins, materials, eyes, and everything else. Make it all able to have custom c...


04:58 PM MakeHuman Feature #1229 (Rejected): everything
Make the clothes where they don't go through others. Make the shoes pose the feet. Make the hats shape the hair.

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