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05:05 PM Python 3 Bug #1198 (New): Community build: further opengl crashing
Just adding logs from freehunter here so I can find them again, from
05:02 PM Python 3 Bug #1197 (New): Community build jul-17: can't load MHM that was saved from the same build
> windows 8.1 ... Saved model is not displa...


05:20 PM Python 3 Bug #1196 (New): Save target results in broken target
> okay so i was puttering about with the P...


11:30 AM MakeHuman Bug #1195 (New): NoneType stacktrace when using expressions


10:56 AM Python 3 Feature #1190 (Fix exists, needs testing): Theme version is still labeled 1.1.0
I've now changed the version and replaced the splash screen to make such confusion less likely.
10:50 AM Python 3 Bug #1189: Community build - pyside issue ( plugin 7_data )
I think we've seen this in other places too. Without having checked this particular stacktrace, I think the error is ...
10:47 AM Python 3 Feature #1188 (Accepted): Community Build version tagging
Yes, it should be made to understand git.
10:45 AM Python 3 Bug #1187 (Accepted): Community build - community assets plugin
Ok, after having fixed the debug output, it seems all the "Unmatched type" messages are actually about expressions. A...


12:13 PM MakeHuman Feature #994 (Fix exists, needs testing): Resume nightly builds
I have now started nightly builds again, with the following circumstances:
* The build is for python3 with pyside ...
09:56 AM Python 3 Bug #1170: Opengl issues on Windows in MakeHuman for Python3
I've consistently got py3 running on both linux and windows without any opengl issues on my nvidia cards too. It also...

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