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11:40 PM MakeHuman Feature #1226: Installed makehuman
As written, this bug report is not usable. We need more information to even begin to guess what might be happening. ...


10:43 PM MakeHuman Bug #1223 (Rejected): "Failed to execute Script _init_"
This appears to be user error and is unlikely due to a software bug. Try reinstalling.
10:38 PM MakeHuman Feature #1224 (Rejected): More Anime-parameter
This has been requested from time to time, but it will not be considered at this time, given the development resource...


04:44 PM MakeHuman Bug #1199: Error logs containing opengl failures
MacOS High Sierra
Framebuffer documentation:
Line 231 of res...


11:15 AM MakeHuman Bug #1217 (Fixed): Load and save issues
I've long forgotten this and seems working so closing


08:36 PM MakeHuman Bug #1219: Export pose then import pose does not result in the same pose
The issue seems related to this post by the author of .bvh Hacker (no longer maintained)


10:47 PM MakeHuman Bug #1219: Export pose then import pose does not result in the same pose
This may be a duplicate of (or at least closely related to) #951.
There is hierarchical order written is not the s...


12:50 AM MakeHuman Bug #1221: Export to FBX with skeleton "Default" does not work
I believe this is because Blender 2.79a is no longer responding properly when the "ignore leaf bones' check box on th...
12:03 AM MakeHuman Bug #967: FBX Export to Blender
I peeked at our code, and I'm not convinced we are handling this right. There seems room to use the transformation r...


02:07 PM MakeHuman Bug #967: FBX Export to Blender
The FBX export/import issue seems to persist as of Blender 2.79. See forum

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