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11:57 PM MakeHuman Bug #1235 (New): 1.2.0 alpha 2 asset downloader exception
Windows 10
Steps to reproduce:
* Delete v1p3 before starting alpha 2
* Acknowledge the dialog saying it can't find...


07:08 AM MakeHuman Feature #1232 (Rejected): new
lacks focus; no detail - rejecting


01:45 AM MakeHuman Feature #1231 (Fixed): Supply a "Base tag" for built-in assets
Closing as submitted and in review
01:42 AM MakeHuman Feature #1231 (In Progress): Supply a "Base tag" for built-in assets
Contributed toward next alpha release


01:23 AM MakeHuman Feature #1231: Supply a "Base tag" for built-in assets
I've assigned myself to take this on.
I'll need a consultation via PM to figure out how to do the actual edits giv...


12:37 AM MakeHuman Feature #1231: Supply a "Base tag" for built-in assets
@ original poster scinceman96
While we welcome feature requests, the manner in which you have done so to date is n...
10:24 PM MakeHuman Bug #1219: Export pose then import pose does not result in the same pose
Because this issue is passing by developers again, I thought it might be a good time to poke you to see if yo...


08:42 AM MakeHuman Feature #1229: everything
The title suggests a non-productive post.
This is not really a specific feature request. It is a call for general...
08:35 AM MakeHuman Feature #1230: more items
This is already available:


01:19 PM MakeHuman Feature #1228: Request Feature
At present there is only 1 user contributed set:

Also available in: Atom