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Reported issues: 29


12:31 PM MakeHuman Bug #1182 (Rejected): GUI Links in Help>Support are broken
Since the bug occurs in an old version and it was already fixed, I'm going to close this task...
12:20 PM MakeHuman Bug #1184 (Accepted): Export not working in Ubuntu
Well, the current numpy version on ubuntu 16.04 LTS is 1.11.0 (on my Lubuntu 16.04). After upgrading to numpy 13.1 I ...


12:09 PM MakeHuman Bug #1178: can no longer load models
jujube (Forum User) wrote:
> I'm being more paranoid than most people here... eh... I just like to keep my personal ...


12:49 PM MakeHuman Bug #1178 (Fixed): can no longer load models
It took me some time to reproduce the issue, but it seems to be fixed on my system, too. I think we can close it.
09:36 AM MakeHuman Bug #1179: could not load 8_asseteditor
Please make sure you have installed the latest version of of 1_mhapi (
09:31 AM MakeHuman Bug #1178: can no longer load models
>The "list index out of range" made me think it might somehow be because I have too many files, but I cut down on the...


07:07 PM MakeHuman Feature #1176 (New): Create an overview of the folders used by MakeHuman in the help section
Since this is a recurrent question in the forum about the location of certain folders, I propose to implement an over...
06:55 PM MakeHuman Feature #972 (Fix exists, needs testing): MakeClothes should calculate pole-count
There is a potential solution on the P3 branch, now.
09:45 AM MakeHuman Bug #1171: Alternative material not saved in MHM for eyebrows and eyelashes
... though things still remain fixed on the P3 branch (=Fix exists needs testing).


12:05 PM MakeHuman Feature #972 (In Progress): MakeClothes should calculate pole-count
Reopening this bug. Though MC calculates max_pole and writes it to the file, it still has a built-in limit of 8 poles...

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