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Reported issues: 33


09:57 PM MakeHuman Bug #1227 (Rejected): Export Functionality Broken all exports
That's a duplicate, sorry.


11:08 AM MakeHuman Bug #1199: Error logs containing opengl failures
Finally I got this apitrace tool compiled (, that was suggested by Jonas. Runnin...


11:28 AM MakeHuman Bug #1212 (Fixed): Export not working with clothes
That's fixed, now
11:28 AM MakeHuman Bug #1213 (Fixed): No Exports Work
That's fixed, now
11:22 AM MakeHuman Bug #1184 (Fixed): Export not working with numpy 1.13
I didn't see any further crashes and consider the bug fixed.


08:33 PM MakeHuman Bug #1220 (Accepted): Makehuman can not import poses with skeletons other than "Default"
I'm not going to reiterate why MakeHuman only supports poses on the default skeleton. This is not a bug, but a curren...
07:50 PM MakeHuman Bug #1219 (Accepted): Export pose then import pose does not result in the same pose
I can confirm the problem. The exporter probably needs to be revised.


10:16 PM MakeHuman Bug #1218 (Needs info): cant open saved mhm properly


12:11 PM MakeHuman Bug #1218: cant open saved mhm properly
This has been posted in the forums, too ( We need ...


05:23 PM MakeHuman Bug #1217: Load and save issues
My fault, sorry...

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