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makeclothes target fails for Average Child

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Target version:MakeHuman 1.1.2


The makeclothes "Average Child" type only seems to work when targetting boys, rather than girls.

For example, I fitted a (girls) cloak in Blender for Average Child, then loaded into MH. The two screenshots show the default model, set to Age 8, as both boy and girl. As you can see from the grab, the cloak generally fits the boy target, but fails on the girl. Age is an irrelevance: it doesn't fit the girl at any age.

Possibly the simplest option: would it be possible to have "Average Girl" and "Average Boy" targets in makeclothes to overcome this?

cheers, and thanks for your hard work (it is appreciated).


boy.png (47.3 KB) MaherGBR (Forum User), 11/18/2015 10:13 AM

girl.png (53.4 KB) MaherGBR (Forum User), 11/18/2015 10:13 AM



#1 Updated by MTKnife (Forum User) about 3 years ago

This is almost certainly caused by the MakeClothes target bug described in #977.

That being said, from what I've been able to find on the subject, the Boy and Girl targets really shouldn't be as different as they are: at the minimum, they should be the same height, and there's probably no justification for most of the morphology differences (the face would, I guess, be the main exception).

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