Bug #977

Concave vertices in the back of the skirt helper object

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Target version:MakeHuman 1.1.2


Vertices 18057, 18096, 18132, and 18168, on the back centerline of the skirt helper object of the MakeClothes human proxies follow the body (the crevice between the buttocks) rather than the rest of the skirt (that is, the proxy has a bit of a wedgie here). This isn't really the proper geometry for a skirt: a tight skirt stretches flat over this area, and a loose skirt usually hangs outside it). Not only that, even if the actual clothes don't follow this geometry, assigning them to the helper geometry causes distortion in this area. The vertices in question need to be pulled outward, into line with the neighboring vertices in their loops.


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On what macro variation did you notice this? (eg young female caucasian, old male african, ...) Or is it on the basemesh?
If it's on the basemesh only (without macro targets applied) then there is no problem because the basemesh stores only topology, its geometry is never used.

#2 Updated by MTKnife (Forum User) about 3 years ago

Using MakeClothes, I've seen it with both the Average Female and Average (Male) Child targets, though I'm sure it's true of the other two as well.

No, it's not a topology error: the same error exists in different targets, and all four will have to be edited individually.

Note though that we're talking about the skirt helper object, not the body mesh beneath--the concave geometry is correct for the body itself. However, now that I think about it, the tights helper object should also be edited, though only on the upper part of the area on question (tights stretch across the top of the buttocks, but as they curve between the legs, they start to follow the body more).

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The situation is more complicated than I realized. See this forum thread for details:


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