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Shadowing in Filmbox export

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When I export a character to Filmbox, load it in Blender, and apply the normal adjustments for transparent materials/textures, eye colors don't render properly--the color is very, very faint (though I can see it if I check "Shadeless"), presumably due to the outer cornea layer. I get a similar problem with the Female Fingernails that have been uploaded to "User contributed assets": the color only shows up on surfaces at odd angles from the light source. Neither of these problems exists for a Collada export.

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#1 Updated by Rob Baer over 3 years ago

It is difficult to tell exactly what you did in detail. You might check this description of how to tweak things in Blender for Blender Internal, http://www.makehumancommunity.org/wiki/Moving_Assets_into_Blender.

Although it was written for Collada, more or less the same Blender settings have worked for me with binary FBX run through the Autodesk converter. Thomas has recently made some repairs to the binary FBX converter, and that might be working too, but I have not had a chance to check it out.

If the Wiki hints don't solve your problem, could you write a step by step of what settings you are using for FBX on export from MH and during import into Blender so that I can try to reproduce the problem? Also, please include a build/version number for MH.

#2 Updated by MTKnife (Forum User) over 3 years ago

This is the latest nightly (sorry, I'm at work and can't look at the version numberl.

The procedure outlined in the above link is what I meant by "normal adjustments": for all the objects with transparency, I made the required changes in the Transparency and Shadow sections of the Material tab, and the Influence section of the Texture tab. Looking again, I see I may need to check the Display section for the eyes, though I thought I already did that--I'll do that when I get home. I have no idea what to try did the fingernails , though, and I don't think they're transparent.

#3 Updated by MTKnife (Forum User) over 3 years ago

OK, I just went back and double-checked that I'd gotten the right settings under the "Object" tab. In the "Display" section, I checked "Draw All Edges" and "Transparency"--still no dice. Just to reiterate what I said above, with exact details, I've also made sure that in the "Material" tab, the "Transparency" section has "Alpha" and "Specular" set to 0, and the "Shadow" section has "Receive Transparency" checked. Finally, in the "Texture" tab, "Influence" has "Alpha" checked. That's all the settings described in the wiki article.

Oh, the Makehuman version is r1959 (I finally downloaded the version with the FBX fixes), while the Blender version is 2.75a for Windows, which is the latest version of that.

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