Feature #1231

Supply a "Base tag" for built-in assets

Added by scinceman96 (Forum User) 28 days ago. Updated 23 days ago.

Status:FixedStart date:11/17/2018
Priority:NormalDue date:
Assignee:Rob Baer% Done:


Category:MakeHuman GUI
Target version:Plugins


  1. make hat/helmet shape hair
  1. make clothes fit to body
  1. clothes shouldn't go through other clothes
  1. hair shouldn't go through hat/helmet
  1. MakeHuman should have tag in the (clothes, eyes, hair, teeth, topologies, eyebrows, eyelashes, and tongue) as (MakeHuman) for all of it's developer assets
  1. MakeHuman should have more geometries(clothes, eyes, hair, teeth, topologies, eyebrows, eyelashes, and tongue) of it's own (like everything upon planet Earth)
  1. modelling-measure-torso: should have breast cup size
  1. all of the (modelling) should have type in function and middle mouse button(scroll)
  1. modelling-custom should rescan on it's own continuously
  1. MakeHuman website (user contributed assets) needs to download automatically:
    1: category:
    2: author:
    3: title


#1 Updated by Aranuvir # 28 days ago

Not sure if I should consider that spam? At least that's the reason why I'm glad we are currently using a closed bug tracker...

#2 Updated by Rob Baer 28 days ago

  • Subject changed from everything to Supply a "Base tag" for built-in assets

@ original poster scinceman96

While we welcome feature requests, the manner in which you have done so to date is not useful, nor likely to get results. Each feature request should be a focused self-contained, well-thought out request that describes in detail the improvement and manner of achieving it. Please do not use meaningless titles like 'everything'. Further feature requests should only come with some level of personal investment in work-arounds and solutions.

The volunteer developers have spent years understanding the limitations of the existing code and would have fixed obvious limitations if it were easy to do so. Most of the items on your list would need to suggest specific new algorithms to ever have a chance of being implemented.

For more informal and looser discussions of things you don't like the forum would be a better place to post. Even there, please address a single issue at a time and understand that we are all living with some shortcomings that result from volunteer open source projects.

One idea you suggest that meets an increasing MakeHuman need is to (paraphrasing)"
"supply a 'Base asset' tag for built in proxies."

The need for this has increased considerably with the rapid growth of user contributed assets. We can consider this idea. I'm changing the title of the post to keep that feature request the focus of your post.

#3 Updated by Aranuvir # 28 days ago

@Rob: that specific topic seems to make sense to me. Do you want to take care of it? I'll assign that task to you...

#4 Updated by Rob Baer 28 days ago

  • Assignee set to Rob Baer

I've assigned myself to take this on.

I'll need a consultation via PM to figure out how to do the actual edits given that I don't believe the originals live on regular github

#5 Updated by Aranuvir # 25 days ago

@Rob: Do you see anything else deserving a "spin off"? Otherwise I'd suggest to close the issue. Further communication regarding this task on the new bug tracker.

@original poster scinceman96: Some of your reported issues seem to be limitations of the software. Perhaps ask on the forum (http://www.makehumancommunity.org) before opening new issues on the bug tracker.

#6 Updated by Rob Baer 23 days ago

  • Status changed from New to In Progress

Contributed toward next alpha release

#7 Updated by Rob Baer 23 days ago

  • Category set to MakeHuman GUI
  • Status changed from In Progress to Fixed
  • Target version set to Plugins

Closing as submitted and in review

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