Bug #1220

Makehuman can not import poses with skeletons other than "Default"

Added by yepomuju (Forum User) 10 months ago. Updated 10 months ago.

Status:AcceptedStart date:02/25/2018
Priority:NormalDue date:
Assignee:Jonas Hauquier% Done:


Category:File export
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1. Choose any skeleton except "Default"
2. Export the model as BVH file
3. Put the exported file into "poses" directory
4. Choose the file in Makehuman's GUI "Pose" tab

Result: exception:

showing task Pose
Automatically guessed coordinate system for BVH file /home/tempoid/makehuman/v1/data/poses/xxx2.bvh (Y-up)
Exception during event onFileSelected
Traceback (most recent call last):
  File "./core/events3d.py", line 211, in callEvent
  File "plugins/3_libraries_pose.py", line 97, in onFileSelected
    gui3d.app.do(PoseAction("Change pose", self, self.currentPose, filename))
  File "./core/mhmain.py", line 858, in do
    if action.do():
  File "plugins/3_libraries_pose.py", line 65, in do
  File "plugins/3_libraries_pose.py", line 158, in loadPose
    anim = self.loadBvh(filepath, convertFromZUp="auto")
  File "plugins/3_libraries_pose.py", line 182, in loadBvh
    self.bvh_bone_length = self.calculateBvhBoneLength(bvh_file)
  File "plugins/3_libraries_pose.py", line 191, in calculateBvhBoneLength
    raise RuntimeError('Failed to auto scale BVH file %s, it does not contain a joint for "%s"' % (bvh_file.name, COMPARE_BONE))
RuntimeError: Failed to auto scale BVH file xxx2, it does not contain a joint for "upperleg02.L" 

See the attached screencast.

Makehuman_can_not_import_poses_from_other_skeletons.ogv - Screencast (6.1 MB) yepomuju (Forum User), 02/25/2018 04:04 PM


#1 Updated by Aranuvir # 10 months ago

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I'm not going to reiterate why MakeHuman only supports poses on the default skeleton. This is not a bug, but a current limitation to MakeHuman's functionality. Perhaps one could make a feature request to add mapping functionality for bvh files with other rigs.
Though, I agree with the user that raising a runtime error when an inappropriate bvh file was loaded, perhaps might not be the best solution to handle the problem.

#2 Updated by Jonas Hauquier 10 months ago

Like all other MH assets, a very specific process must be followed for creating them.
That poses for MH can only be defined on the default rig is an intentional choice.
You can export poses in MH to any other skeleton, not the other way around.

However you can probably use retargetting tools (even some of the ones that come with MH scripts) in Blender to apply your pose on the MH default skeleton, and create a MH pose that way.

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