Bug #1217

Load and save issues

Added by Rob Baer 11 months ago. Updated 8 months ago.

Status:FixedStart date:02/12/2018
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Category:Code correctness
Target version:Master Py3 Community


Windows 10 master branch commit:
commit e705854f3c3352dcba79ccf49f2a29b99d3129ff (HEAD > master, origin/master, origin/HEAD)
Author: Joel Palmius <>
Date: Wed Feb 7 13:33:33 2018 +0100

Load and save which were previously working fine on master seem to have stopped working with the most recent series of changes. I don't recall having problems on Aranuvirqt5 branch either.

not_ported_from_aranuvirqt5.diff Magnifier (14.8 KB) Joel Palmius, 02/12/2018 11:37 AM


#1 Updated by Joel Palmius 11 months ago

It's possible this is a regression caused by a missed commit.

Do you get any error message at all?

#2 Updated by Joel Palmius 11 months ago

However, atm I can't see that anything is missing.

If I a) merge all feature branches and b) exclude everything under blendertools and c) exclude everything related to shells and FBX exports, then I get the attached diff.

This is not much. It's some random noise in support scripts, the install plugin from zip, and the possibly faulty numpy fix.

Are you sure exactly the same procedure works in aranuvirqt5 but fails in master?

#3 Updated by Rob Baer 11 months ago

Ok. I had a chance to try this on another machine and the current master branch does not to be saving. Likewise I am unable to save with the current AranuvirQT5 although I think both were working to save at some time in the past.

There is no error when you click the save button, but there is also no sign (like a progress bar) that any action is even attempted.

I tested several of the exporters (.obj, .dae, and .fbx) The exporter seem to be functional except for FBX in binary mode. That is, FBX seems to export in ASCII mode but not in Binary mode. I think the binary FBX issue is known.

#4 Updated by Aranuvir # 11 months ago

Is it possible some security option in Windows is blocking MakeHuman to write to disk? What's your version of Qt5.

BTW, could we decide which bug tracker to use in the future?

#5 Updated by Aranuvir # 11 months ago

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#6 Updated by Aranuvir # 11 months ago

My fault, sorry...

#7 Updated by Rob Baer 8 months ago

  • Status changed from Fix exists, needs testing to Fixed

I've long forgotten this and seems working so closing

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