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Language has changed

Added by brcor55 (Forum User) about 1 year ago. Updated about 1 year ago.

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Target version:MakeHuman 1.1.2


Opened up program, and the language has changed on all function tabs & buttons.
I don't know what anything does because I can not read whatever language it has changed to.
I would like to get it back to English.


#1 Updated by Jonas Hauquier about 1 year ago

The selected language is stored in the settings. You can delete the settings file (settings.ini from makehuman/v1 folder in your home path) to restore the defaults.
Or you can edit that file and set the desired language from there.

#2 Updated by Joel Palmius about 1 year ago

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This is the second report I get about this happening (or did you report it the first time too?). Given that the language functionality has stayed the same for years and years, it'd be interesting to know what led up to this.

#3 Updated by Jonas Hauquier about 1 year ago

And what language did it change to?

I remember that someone did a change a little more recently in the naming of the languages, perhaps you Joel. Maybe that might have caused it?
Perhaps in combination with an old settings file?

One could check what MH does if it starts up with a language in settings.ini that it does not know. It should select the default (english) language in that case.

#4 Updated by Aranuvir # about 1 year ago

As far as I can remember there was no renaming of the languages. We only suppressed the "master" language file being selectable. A quick test on my Python3 development branch (of course this is not representative for all versions) showed that MH will default to English when setting the language string to something like 'aranuvir' in settings.ini. Maybe the code should give some warnings if an unknown language is defined? (though this could only happen if someone edits settings.ini manually)

#5 Updated by brcor55 (Forum User) about 1 year ago

Thanks everybody for the reply.
MakeHuman is now showing English as one of its languages again. I don't know why, but I'm glad that it is.
I don't know if this had anything to do with it, but my computers drive C was getting pretty full (2tb drive had 225gb of space remaining),
plus the computer was doing some automatic updates at the time. Again, I don't know if these could have been issues, but I am glad I now can
continue learning this program as well as Blender.
Thank You Jonas, Joel & Aranuvir for responding.
Brian Correll

#6 Updated by Rob Baer about 1 year ago

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This looks system specific problem despite 2 showing up in short order. Rejecting unless we see new ones in which case we can re-open.

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