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MakeClothes Does not include Normal Map Handling

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Target version:MakeHuman 1.1.2


MakeHuman 1.1

original report forum user Marco_105 http://www.makehumancommunity.org/forum/viewtopic.php?f=9&t=13936

I did a quick test using female elegant suit which includes both a normal map and an AO map in material editor. Exported as .mhx2, imported using blender internal. The normal texture map made it into Blender. I then changed name and did a makeclothes.

The original female elegant .mhmat has these propertie

diffuseTexture female_elegantsuit01_diffuse.png
normalmapTexture female_elegantsuit01_normal.png
aomapTexture female_elegantsuit01_ao.png
normalmapIntensity 1.0
aomapIntensity 1.0

The round trip .mhmat file (some of which could be mhx2 exporter instead of MH) has

// Textures and properties
diffuseTexture female_elegantsuit01_diffuse.png
bumpTexture female_elegantsuit01_normal.png

// Shader programme
shader data/shaders/glsl/phong

// Configure built-in shader defines
shaderConfig diffuse true
shaderConfig bump true
shaderConfig normal false
shaderConfig displacement false
shaderConfig spec false
shaderConfig vertexColors false

The normal map .png (but not the ao texture made it into the new clothes file. However it appears misrepresented as bumpTexture and shows up no where in the material editor of the new clothing which has now a phong rather than light sphere shader. I thonk this capture the jist of Marco_105 forum post.


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